Digital Marketing 3.1 Presented at Lake Worth Beach CRA Event

Digital Marketing 3.1 Presented by R. Michael Brown

February 23, 2023

By R. Michael Brown

Businesses and nonprofit organizations in Lake Worth Beach learned about the latest in Digital Marketing 3.1, presented at the CRA event.

Digital Marketing 3.1 Presented by R. Michael Brown
R. Michael Brown Presented Marketing 3.1 to Businesses at the Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)

Topics included:

  • You Must be a Publisher and Broadcaster to Compete with Your Competitors
  • Digital Marketing 3.1 Trends Your Business Can Use in 2023
  • Branding: Who are You? 12 Brand Archetypes with Examples
  • Marketing History and the Current Marketplace Landscape
  • Gatekeepers Then, Gatekeepers Now
  • The Current State of Advertising
  • Marketing Fundamentals: 4 Ps vs. 8 Ps Today
  • Social Media Platforms and Which Ones to Use for Marketing
  • How to Create and Use My Content Marketing System
  • Content Marketing & Definition
  • Step by Step Content Marketing
  • Tips for Using My Content Marketing System
  • Video is the Best Content
  • Prosumer vs. Professional Camera Gear | Crew
  • Types of Video Content to Use for Marketing
  • Client Video Example: R&R Construction of Florida
  • Lake Worth Beach is a Target Rich Content Environment
  • More Stories, Less Marketing. The Science of Storytelling
  • News Sells! You Can Create Your Own Internet/YouTube News Broadcast Station
  • Content Marketing & Customer Journey Funnel
  • Brand, Platform, and Content Worksheet

“Thank you to R. Michael Brown for his informative talk on marketing, brand strategy and how to get more traffic to your business,” said Emily Theodossakos, Lake Worth Beach CRA Marketing Program Manager, after the event.

Example Slides & Videos From the Presentation

Build Your Brand. Who Are You? 12 Brand and Storytelling Archetypes with Examples.
What is Your Brand?
Is Marketing Getting Easier?
Is Marketing Getting Easier?
R&R Construction of Florida Video Example
Client example of how to use video for content marketing. Commercial General Contractor in South Florida.
News Sells! Get Traffic, Leads, More… Town of Palm Beach Civic Association – R. Michael Brown Writer | Producer Founded Palm Beach TV
News Sells! R. Michael Brown Presented Marketing 3.1 to Businesses.
Lake Worth Beach Has a Target-Rich Environment for Video News

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