Ecommerce Benefits of Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

By: Armando Roggio. Content marketing reaches consumers throughout their buying journey, assisting merchants in making the first sale and developing loyal buyers afterward. 3 Benefits Attract Shoppers Content creation, search engine optimization, and even social media marketing work hand-in-glove to attract new shoppers to an ecommerce website. Engage shoppers It is not enough to attract […]

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UPDATE: You Are the Media

Emotional Power of Brand Storytelling

In today’s social media world you are the media. You are the press. You are the broadcaster. You are the news. Your business can now have a voice with brand storytelling. Don’t hope and wait for the press to pick your story. Be the press. Be the broadcaster. With YouTube and social media, you are […]

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LinkedIn Group BRAND Storytelling & Journalism Has Reached 10,000 Members!

LinkedIn Logo Initials

Janae Smith, Design Thinker and Newsletter Creator of Real and Unexpected, from New York, was member number 10,000. The group is still growing – 10,006 as of this report. The LinkedIn group was created and is run by R. Michael Brown, marketing and communication consultant at R. Michael Brown LLC in December, 2010 to highlight […]

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