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R. Michael Brown’s portfolio shows examples of websites and content that was created, hands-on by Mike, as part of his integrated marketing, communication, and public relations plans and campaigns. Depending on the topic and audience, writing and multimedia are strategically developed for short or long form content. We specialize in the following market spaces:

  • Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Science
  • Environment
  • Real Estate and Builders
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Government and Public Policy
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Nonprofits

All content was produced and distributed via websites, social media, email, and/or traditional media channels.

Below is a sample of multimedia and writing samples. Click here to see my Writing Portfolio.

You Are the Media – 1 min. R. Michael Brown, Writer & Multimedia Producer

One of our specialties is creating brand feature stories (in all media – web, video, print) about products or brands. It’s called “Brand Storytelling.”  Some of these stories are included here along with other types of marketing, public relations, and advertising campaigns.

Latest in Website Communication Design and Technology

New WordPress website for R&R Construction of Florida, developed by R. Michael Brown LLC.
New Client! R. Michael Brown designed, developed, and wrote this new website: R&R Construction of Florida

See this new live site now! It includes video of R&R Construction of Florida craftspeople at work in the background right at the top of the homepage. Since video is the hottest thing for SEO now, almost every page has a featured video.

Using Today’s Technology to Gain Success in Marketing & Communication

Everyday Heroes and Leaders Using Motorola Technology

A few years before the shock of 9/11 in 2001, R. Michael Brown wrote and produced this 90 sec. spot that was the essence of what the Motorola Business & Government Division did for the marketplace.  It was video recorded around the world for other projects and post-produced in-house at the studio his team and he built at Motorola in Sunrise, Florida. The brand video was shown at the Motorola Board of Directors meeting, sales presentations around the world, customer briefing centers, employee town halls, Motorola Museum, civic groups and government presentations – and received a standing ovation everywhere it played.

Your Organization Doesn’t Have to Beg for News Coverage – You Can Create & Distribute Your Own

Employers and Clients: You can become the news for your market or industry!  While working for a nonprofit in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida, R. Michael Brown launched a weekly Internet and social media broadcast called This Week in Palm Beach on the channel he founded, Palm Beach TV.  He wrote and produced each weekly 4-5 minute show, had professional camera crews and on-camera talent with him on the shoot, and the results were spectacular.  We had an average of 84% of the town watching every week!  Some examples:

See how the broadcast and email newsletter work together by following this link:
This Week in Palm Beach – 4/5/2019

See how the broadcast and email newsletter work together by following this link:
This Week in Palm Beach – 3/22/2019

Script Sample Art

Click to See the Newscast Script PDF of the Above Video Written by R. Michael Brown. The on-camera talent memorized the highlighted segments within a few seconds of arriving at each location.

Imagine your business, industry, and market as the focus on your own channel!  It’s the fastest way to be a thought leader in your industry and it’s surprisingly affordable to do. At this point, with proper lighting and audio attachments, Mike’s starting to shoot many of these with his iPhone.

Video is the answer to getting attention on social media and above the noise on the web.  The system for executing this kind of brand storytelling strategy, as part of an overall Integrated Marketing and Communication Plan, is available by contacting Mike@RMichaelBrown.com

Real Estate

Promoting residential and commercial property, plus tech, in the real estate space.

As VP of Marketing & Communications for the first nationwide multiple listing service My State MLS, I created a content marketing program on steroids to attract agents and brokers to become members and list property anywhere they are licensed in their state or across the country. From the brand “Go Home TV” we used webinars; video news, feature stories, interviews, humor; email newsletters; and social media to drive traffic, engagement, and leads. Here are some samples.

Promo Short for Facebook Marketing Webinar
Real Estate Market Heading for a Cliff? Promo for Go Home TV has over 27,000 views so far.
Promo to differentiate local MLS’s with a nationwide MLS. Over 16,000 views so far.

Real Estate Article: Media & Industry Irrational Exuberance Fans False Housing Market Rumors

August 30, 2022

By R. Michael Brown, Go Home TV Producer & VP Marketing and Communications My State MLS

The facts are getting in the way of the media and industry rumors that the real estate market is dead, dying, or heading into a recession.

“It’s our forecast that the real estate market will start getting back to what it was like before the pandemic,” said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS – the nationwide multiple listing service. “What we’ve had over the last couple of years has been a national market that was reacting to unusual pressures – population movement and construction material supply interruptions because of COVID, and a growing population and more cash buyers causing ever increasing demand. In addition, new home construction has never recovered from the housing crash in 2008. We’re millions of homes behind in needed new homes.”

That drove housing supply way down and prices way up – a mostly pandemic based housing boom.

Now, with inflation running at 40-year highs and interest rates increasing to between 4% and 6%, housing price growth is slowing in most markets and is flat or reducing in a few markets.

“That doesn’t mean that the real estate market is in the trouble that so many pundits are pushing,” said Pfaff. “It just means that the overall market is reaching a balance between a seller’s market and buyer’s market. Yes, the frenzy is over, and inventory isn’t as good as buyers would like. But the crazy market wasn’t sustainable. And since when is a 5%, 30-year fixed mortgage, not a reasonable interest rate?”

The peak of the market and the resulting balance will cause sellers to put their homes for sale and real estate agents will list them, show them, and sell them to willing buyers in a reasonable amount of time, over months instead of days and without bidding wars. Sounds like the normal real estate market, doesn’t it?

When a market has overheated price growth and prices decline some, not to the levels below the start of the overheating, how is that suddenly a recession?

Let’s look at the facts. As always, all markets are local.

See More [Go Home TV, Powered by My State MLS]

Science and Environment

Specializing in making complex topics easy to understand.

Seaweed Invasion Continues in Palm Beach
Article and Video Feature Story Written and Produced By: R. Michael Brown

You’ve seen it and likely smelled it, Sargassum seaweed. If you live in Palm Beach or visit during the summer, you’ve stepped over it on your way to the water at the beach. But this year it’s different.

Seaweed Palm Beach Inlet – Courtesy of Friends of Palm Beach

The invasion started in April. The Civic Association received a news tip from Diane Buhler, founder of Friends of Palm Beach, as they were cleaning the beaches on the north end. Mounds of Sargassum were piling on the beach with vast sheets of it stretching out to sea.

We contacted George Buckley, a Harvard University scientist that has been investigating the Sargassum bloom infecting the Carribean, the Gulf coast, and now Florida. His theory on this growing threat has scientists, government leaders, business owners, residents, and tourists troubled throughout the hemisphere.

“Throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico we are seeing phenomenal blooms like we’ve never seen before,” said Mr. Buckley. “The question is, where does this come from, what causes this?”

Satellite photos show the equatorial currents of Brazil, coupled with the North Atlantic current, brought sargassum into the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea where the right conditions, warmer water and pollution, caused the seaweed to literally explode.

Seeweed Drone Shot

“The ocean is about a degree centigrade higher than ever before and pollution worse than ever before,” said Mr. Buckley. “There are nutrients washing out from the entire east coast of South America and from North American into the Gulf. This great mix, this soup, has created just the right conditions for Sargassum seasweed to take off.”

The result… virtually every island in the Bahamas and Caribbean are inundated by sargassum causing terrible economic and environmental problems. Nutrients from millions of gallons of Amazon and North America runoff are playing a role. [See the video below for the full story]

Seaweed Invasion Continues in Palm Beach Article and Video Feature Story Written and Produced By: R. Michael Brown

World Wildlife Fund President’s Award Winner – Connect & Conserve
By R. Michael Brown, Campaign Creative Director, Writer & Producer

At Motorola, R. Michale Brown and his team won the World Wildlife Fund International President’s Award for a series on how to “Connect and Conserve” to Save the Planet. Mike wrote articles, photographed, and produced media in the Galapagos, Rain Forest in Brazil, and Florida Keys for the series. The Galapagos video below was picked up by Discovery Channel International.

World Wildlife Fund in the Florida Keys

World Wildlife Fund in the Galapagos

Dinese Golden Lion Composite w=800
Rainforest in Brazil. Photos by R. Michael Brown
Galapagos Composite w=800
The Galapagos. Photos by R. Michael Brown

Stinging Portuguese Man-O-War Warnings in Palm Beach
Article and Video By: R. Michael Brown

Town of Palm Beach Ocean Rescue is advising beachgoers to watch out for a stinging danger that is blowing ashore in the water and on the sand at area beaches.

They are blue, pink, and purple balloon-like creatures and they’re called Portuguese Man-O-War – a critter that packs a sting that is much more severe than your average jellyfish.
See More (Civic Association News)

Organization History

The Town of Palm Beach Civic Association turned 75 years-old in 2019 so R. Michael Brown researched, wrote, and produced an integrated campaign for the occasion.  The Civic Association has been a watchdog over the town, working since 1944 with government, political leaders, residents, and stakeholders to keep the island a special place. Here’s the video that was highly praised by leaders in the town, businesses, and residents:

Conference & Meeting Speeches & Media

Every year for 11 years, during the Palm Beach Civic Association’s Annual Meeting at the Flagler Museum, R. Michael Brown produced an end-of-season show and video. Here’s a sample below.  In addition, Mike has written executive and political leader speeches and produced multimedia (video, PowerPoint, and live presentations) for CEOs, board of director meetings, trade shows (Consumer Electronics Show [CES], COMDEX, National Association of Broadcasters [NAB]); Motorola; IBM; and clients around the world


R. Michael Brown has written and produced content about healthcare for years including stories on the H1N1 flu and pandemics, strokes, heart attacks and cardiac care, emergency medicine, paramedics, slip and fall prevention, elder care, hospital operations, health advances, biotech with Scripps Florida, and more.

Healthcare writing - Flu Season by R. Michael Brown, freelance writer

See the H1N1 outbreak story written by R. Michale Brown

A new CEO took over at Good Samaritan Medical Center hospital and Mike wrote and produced a feature story about her first experience there.

Since Good Samaritan is the closest hospital to the Town of Palm Beach, this news feature was one of the most watched ever in town.

Commercials with Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is a resident of the Town of Palm Beach and he agreed to be a speaker at the Palm Beach Civic Association Annual Awards Luncheon at The Breakers.  R. Michael Brown wrote and produced his commercials which played during the Dr. Oz show in the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Market:


Smart Irrigation Technology in the Town of Palm Beach with Bob Vila

R. Michael Brown produced an integrated new technology campaign for smart irrigation controllers in the Town of Palm Beach and resident Bob Vila participated in the video. We also used Miami Dolphin’s owner and Palm Beach resident Steve Ross’s property, the Worth Avenue Business District, town parks, and a sprawling beachfront condominium property in the campaign.

The campaign resulted in a large percentage of the town government property, businesses, and residents participating and it saved so much water that the Town Council voted to make smart irrigation controllers mandatory for any new construction and remodeling in the town.

The Launch of Nextel from Motorola

Mike was hired as a Marketing and Communications Multimedia Producer by Motorola to launch a new technology system and products into the market. The subscriber units had a cellphone, two-way radio, pager, and texting. Mike and his team created the first multimedia and website about the products and it became Nextel. The system and products became the “Product of the Decade” in the 1990’s awarded by Business Week Magazine. Here was the submission video to Business Week:

The Judges in the Business Week Audience laughed out loud. It was a parody of popular TV shows and commercials in 1999.

IBM “Introducing Ultimedia”

Popular Computing Premier Cover w=300

IBM hired R. Michael Brown to work in corporate communications and with IBM Press right off the masthead of Popular Computing magazine where he was a freelance Contributing Editor.

While at IBM, Mike saw the future of the Internet and multimedia and so he started the first Multimedia Studio and became the first Multimedia Producer in the company.  He pioneered multimedia, the Internet, and the yet to be launched World Wide Web with prototypes for news, marketing, communications, public relations, education, gaming, and publishing/broadcasting.

IBM Ultimedia Logo - R. Michael Brown Marketing & Freelance Writing
IBM Ultimedia Logo – R. Michael Brown first multimedia producer at IBM.

He and his team won a NY Film Festival Award when they released “Introducing Ultimedia” which explained multimedia and the Web six years before it went live. IBM CEO Lou Gerstner showed Ultimedia on Good Morning America, the Today Show, Discovery Channel and many others and made the cover of industry trade magazines throughout the world.

Architecture, Building & Construction

R. Michael Brown has rebranded, marketed, and reported on the best brands in the architecture, building, and construction industries.  Brands like Pulte Group, DiVosta Homes, DelWebb, and projects in the Town of Palm Beach. Examples:

DiVosta Web, Kiosk, and TV Commercial 5:45

DiVosta at Abacoa Web, Newspaper, Magazine Ad


Radio Spot: VillageWalk Wellington – Humor: Big Time :60 sec.

Minto Canadian Brochure

After the great recession started and real estate correction continued, Minto hired Mike to help attract buyers. His integrated Web, Google AdWords, Email, Social Media, and Print campaign targeted markets that weren’t in recession at the time: Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, and Venezuela. It worked. Minto Florida went from only $9.8 million in sales the previous year to over $81 million in sales in 9 months during the real estate collapse.

Minto Canada Brochure Composite

Click to See Full Minto Canada Brochure

Icom: Magic for Amangiri
By: R. Michael Brown, Special to Icom-America News

To say that the new magnificent Amangiri resort in Southern Utah is isolated is an understatement. The resort collects guests from the nearest airport in Page, Arizona with one of their fleet of BMW’s.

Amangiri, R. Michael Brown, Freelance Writer
Amangiri, R. Michael Brown, Freelance Writer

As one visitor of the $800 – $3,500 per night suites said, “We arrived in the middle of the night, greeted by not one, but two Aman staff. The entire resort was bathed in candlelight, dozens of lanterns artfully cascading light along the graceful grand staircase.”

The daylight reveals rooms made of solid concrete, ph-balanced and treated to match the patina of the surrounding cliffs and canyons. They are like square luxury caverns looking out at the Southwestern desert.

See the Complete Article

Email News, Marketing, & Public Relations

Brand Journalism
Producing content that is news, looks like news, and sounds like news always results in more opens, clickthrus, a growing email distribution list, and qualified traffic and leads.

Email Marketing - Brand Journalism by R. Michael Brown Marketing Consultant

Olympia: Another Community, Another Successful Promotion
The “Floor Plan of the Week” campaigns work especially well with inventory homes that are completed or near-complete.

Olympia Community - Montara Model - Email Marketing by R. Michael Brown

Mobile Technology Example: Go!


About The Palm Beach Civic Association

R. Michael Brown created a complete integrated strategy with web, email newsletter called “This Week in Palm Beach,” direct mail, social media, events, and more to turn this brand around – attract more directors, build membership, raise funds, and become one of the main serious news sources in town. The image to the left was the first website.

News & Copywriting: The Palm Beach Civic Association is dedicated to ensuring the Town of Palm Beach retains a special quality of life that matches its reputation. Founded in 1944, the Civic Association provides timely videos, publications, newsletters, and updates; stimulating forums, receptions, and community-wide events; and meetings with elected officials, consultants, and town staff. The Palm Beach Civic Association plays an important role in preserving and enhancing this exceptional island community.

Click Here to See Writing Portfolio

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