Podcast Recommendation: “The GaryVee Audio/Video Experience”

R. Michael Brown recommends GaryVee Podcast for Marketing & Business Strategy Ideas

Hosted by entrepreneur and marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk, “The GaryVee Audio and Video Experience” offers a treasure trove of insights into marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and practical business strategies. In each episode, GaryVee, known for his no-nonsense approach and motivational style, shares valuable advice, stories, and perspectives drawn from his vast experience in the business […]

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My Prediction Comes True Again – Compete with Video or Die

Popular Science Dead at 151 Years Old

Popular Science, the magazine that popularized many wonky subjects for readers, publishing such authors as Charles Darwin in its 151 years, is dead. What killed it? Their spokesperson, Cathy Hebert, issued this statement: “Like most media companies, Recurrent [Publisher of Popular Science] is adapting to the evolving landscape of its audience. Whether it’s due to […]

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Best Commercial Ever – Porsche 911 vs. Tesla Cybertruck

Porsche 911 vs. Tesla Cybertruck Surprise

Many have seen the Porsche 911 vs. Tesla Cybertruck race where the pickup beat the 911. But now, there’s a new update. It’s dramatic. Captures your attention. And blows the audience away. Great content has a hook. A shock at the beginning. Then it shows the viewer something smart – with a surprise at the […]

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Ecommerce Benefits of Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

By: Armando Roggio. Content marketing reaches consumers throughout their buying journey, assisting merchants in making the first sale and developing loyal buyers afterward. 3 Benefits Attract Shoppers Content creation, search engine optimization, and even social media marketing work hand-in-glove to attract new shoppers to an ecommerce website. Engage shoppers It is not enough to attract […]

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New Scams are Making the Rounds on Facebook – How to Spot Them

Pixelated and distorted logo or image - a sure sign of a scam!

Users report receiving strange messages that appear to be from Facebook threatening to disable their accounts or Business Page if they don’t “verify” personal information or contact “them” because your page violates copyright. These messages are around all the time now; but, especially during the holidays. “They” say in their direct Facebook message, “WARNING! Dear […]

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A Thanksgiving Blessing with the Knights of Columbus

A Thanksgiving Blessing from Knights of Columbus in Lake Placid, Florida

R. Michael Brown – Produced, shot, and edited pro-bono for Knights of Columbus #7245, Lake Placid, Florida. The Knights of Columbus in Lake Placid, Florida, every year pay for (from church donations), pack, and deliver a full Thanksgiving meal worth of food for those that are in need in the community. This year, the Knights […]

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