R. Michael Brown’s Office Has Moved to a Lake House!

Studio 120 Lake Huntley

We are happy to announce that we have moved our office and studio from Wellington, Florida to a lake house in Lake Placid, Florida.

We’re setting things up and will be back in operation on August 1, 2023.

But in the meantime, here’s our first video from our new office, Studio 120 at Lake Huntley, because we were so pleased with the moving company that helped us Brooks Moving and Hauling:

Unveiling the Happiness of a Brooks Moving & Hauling Customer

Over a two day period, we moved from Wellington, Florida to our new lake house in Lake Placid, Florida – a 114 mile move. The planning was over two months in the making and Brooks Moving and Hauling was integral to that plan.

Not only were we moving our home but our offices and studio too because my wife and I both work from home.

A big challenge was to get the trucks under our oak trees that are hundreds of years old without damaging the trees on this 1.2 acre property. They did it!

The team at Brooks did a fantastic job in every aspect of the move. Planning, estimating, flawless move without any breakage or hassle. No hidden fees or games like many movers. AND THEIR QUOTE WAS LOWER THAN ANY OTHER MOVER!

Brooks is veteran owned and the owner realizes how important moving operations are because military families move every three to four years. That was my experience growing up in the military. We moved to Europe and back and all over the U.S. And since moving to Florida, I’ve moved another two dozen times as an adult. The movers make the difference in a smooth experience or a nightmare.

Brooks Moving and Hauling did a better job than any mover I’ve ever had. They wrapped our furniture and belongings more than any mover ever. The care they took at both houses was amazing. Not a scuff on a wall or doorway, floors and thresholds covered, and pleasant, strong, hard working guys that NEVER looked at their phones (my pet peeve) except the foreman taking pictures and documenting the great job they were doing. They send the photos back to the Brooks office.

Thanks to the Brooks team that helped us: Christian, Theresa, Luxon, Abraham, Dupson, Irakli, and more!

So, we’re in our new home and my office is now called Studio 120 at Lake Huntley. Thanks Brooks Moving and Hauling for a job well done! My wife and I are very happy customers.

R. Michael Brown [RMichaelBrown.com]

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