Why I Do It

Emotional Wellbeing Communications

Let me tell you a story about why I love what I’m doing and why I’m here to help you.

I believe that communication must be human first and tech next.

Every individual has the potential to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life and should have the unrestricted freedom to communicate with others. To do that, the person part comes first and is the most important. Love, safety, interest, ethics, idea exchange, exploration, learning, adventure into the unfamiliar, emotional intelligence, empathy, leadership, and facts are a central part of anything I participate in.

Working together, sharing ideas, germinating growth as a team. Communication must be human first and tech next.

My Why

Through research, understanding, actions, and contributions, I strive to help others achieve their purpose, embrace their unique gifts, and make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large.

I’ve been blessed to be at the forefront of significant tech, broadcasting/publishing, communication engagement, and education breakthroughs:

  • Worked at the state-of-the-art geotechnical lab and engineering firm, Ardaman and Assoc. right out of high school. They asked me to join them because of a paper I wrote on environmental engineering in high school.
  • Studied science; civil, mechanical, ocean, and electrical engineering; and majored in journalism in college.
  • Apple Computers (Pre-Mac and IBM PC) Used for retail stores and businesses – ComputerLand
  • Started at IBM at the beginning of the Personal Computer – Launch at IBM
  • Desktop Publishing – Implemented first use at IBM
  • Human Interest Stories from tech companies to the public – CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy
  • Using News to Sell – Brand Storytelling & Journalism – Content Marketing
  • Founded first Multimedia Lab for prototypes and productions. Multimedia communication (multisensory interaction on Laserdisc and CDROM) – First Multimedia Producer at IBM. Won NY Film Festival Award for “Introducing Ultimedia” showing the world what the web would be like. Featured on Good Morning America, Today Show, PBS, and Discovery Channel
  • Multimedia Education Software at IBM
  • Digital storage and content use for US Military and Vatican art and documents
  • Internet and Web Launch (channel development) – First at IBM and Motorola
  • Curriculum development for education in multimedia at Universities
  • Mobile Telecommunication and Computing (A PC in every pocket) – Marketing Manager that launched Nextel from Motorola over the web
  • Digital Mission-Critical Telecommunications (911 & 311 Systems, Two-Way Radios) for Military, Public Safety – First at Motorola, ICOM America
  • Disaster Telecommunication Systems
  • Digital Security Systems Streaming – First at Motorola
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for use with products, pharmaceuticals, and tracking (logistics) – First at Motorola
  • Distance Learning via the Web
  • Content Marketing Development for different audiences (same topic) within an organization
  • Sell New Homes on the Web – DiVosta and Pulte Homes
  • Local Affiliate Video News Station via Web and Social Media – Town of Palm Beach TV
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate business and content ideas, Plus review draft work for additional inspiration. ChatGPT (OpenAI), Bard (Google), Grok (Elon Musk)
Selecting Artificial Intelligence When Appropriate

Yes, I’m an early tech adopter – to understand it – but tech is subordinate to the needs of those I communicate with. Tech is a bridge, not the answer.

I started this journey when I was in third grade in Naples, Italy. I went to elementary school there (military brat) and was inspired by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in the Medici Gardens of Florence. I wrote my first stories then. As a precocious eight year old in 1961, I did a school project on an up and coming technology – computers. I wrote to several tech companies, including IBM, in the United States. IBM was the only company that responded. They sent me brochures of their latest systems and history. I was hooked.

R. Michael brown

I’m Cause Driven – It’s All About Purpose

If the tech makes sense and aligns with what folks need for a situation or environment, then I’ll use it. The first question is always: “What do the distinct audiences and users need and why?”

If what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is interesting to me, then I’ll love to be involved in it.

Fingers Hugging in Agreement. Communication must be human first and tech next.

When your why and my why agree and we work together, I call that being in the flow… it’s fun and that’s when I’m most creative and productive. I’ll bet you’ll be that way too.

It doesn’t feel like work. It’s inspiring. See my YouTube Channel.

Inspiration, matching purpose, fun, making a difference for folks around the world or locally – that’s my why.

Let’s do it together! Contact me today.

This Didn’t Age Well…

Flashback to NBC and “What’s this web thing?”

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