Tell a True Story Well. Hire a Brand Journalist.

The stories of your organization, products, services, and customers are at the heart of content marketing.

Your stories are not advertising and not traditional public relations. It’s the truth about you, who you are, and what you promise.

The best brand journalism is fair and honest.  It’s best told by experienced journalists.

We look for good stories about you. Real-life stories that bring your offerings to life.

Brand journalists rely on facts and know how to simplify to make a compelling story that attracts an audience and engages them in a way they care about.

Stories are memorable, not lists of features or marketing speak. These stories go beyond copywriting, advertising creative, press releases or collateral. They are simply interesting to your customers.

Here are some example:

Everyday Heroes & Leaders

Icom Magic for Amangiri

Connect and Conserve in the Galapagos

Citizens & Icom Become the Eyes and Ears with the Police in the Country of Colombia

BUILDER CLOSEUP: VillageWalk at Lake Nona

The Minto Times

World Wildlife Fund in the Florida Keys

Need more traffic to your website and more engagement with prospects? Present them with stories. Hire a brand journalist. Contact R. Michael Brown today 561-756-1674,

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