LinkedIn Group BRAND Storytelling & Journalism Has Reached 10,000 Members!

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Janae Smith, Design Thinker and Newsletter Creator of Real and Unexpected, from New York, was member number 10,000. The group is still growing – 10,006 as of this report.

The LinkedIn group was created and is run by R. Michael Brown, marketing and communication consultant at R. Michael Brown LLC in December, 2010 to highlight the importance and effectiveness of brand storytelling and brand journalism.

“Viewers like and remember information if it’s told to them as a story, helpful information, or news,” said R. Michael Brown. “Using a story format or journalism style, straight news, feature stories, or editorial – in any media: web, print, photographs, video (think TV news), animation, audio (think radio news) helps the reader, viewer, and listener learn more about a brand than advertising copy, copywriter driven brochures, or TV commercials”

Broadcasters, marketing and public relations professionals, and great storytellers are members of the group. They share news about the storytelling industry and examples for inspiration.

To join, follow this BRAND Storytelling & Journalism LINK or login to your LinkedIn account and search for BRAND Storytelling & Journalism.

Come learn about the emotional brand power of storytelling!

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