Yay! R. Michael Brown Reaches Half-a-Million Points on ActiveRain

ActiveRain Real Estate Broker and Agent Blog and Social Media Site

Big milestone for R. Michael Brown: 500,089 points on the real estate broker and agent social media site ActiveRain.

I’ve been on ActiveRain since the beginning in 2006. At the time, I was the Marketing Director for Pulte Homes in Florida and was attracting real estate agents to sell our new homes. You get points for posting blog articles and engagement.

Since then I’ve been helping clients and employers expand their brands in multiple industries, including real estate.

Now I Would Like to Help You

🤷🏻‍♂️ Wouldn’t it be great to get results from social media and video platforms without producing so much content that just doesn’t get attention and leads?

😔 Are you and/or your team working overtime pumping out digital content but you’re not getting results?

❓Would you like a simple system, where you can be a recognized authority in your field, stand out from your competition, and drive engagement and sales up?

So many are using social media, Google ads, TikTok, and YouTube; but it’s just not working.

Are you?

It’s not your fault. Most folks don’t know how to use them to generate business. As a result, they are confused about what each platform can do for them.

What Doesn’t Work

Frustrated executive

Having worked around the world with both big and small companies and nonprofits, I realized there are 4 main challenges folks have when they try to get more business online:

❌ Being spammy, boring, and not knowing how to stand out
❌ Thinking that posting anything at any time on social and video platforms is the only and best way to get customers
❌ Not using video or doing it wrong
❌ Lack of a simple proven system to generate highly targeted leads

What Works

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To solve these challenges, I use my proven 8-Step Content Marketing System. We get it up and running AND I teach you how to do it. We’ll get results together.

My simple 8-step system will help you:

✔️ Do less marketing and more storytelling
✔️ Stand out from your boring competition without spamming
✔️ Stop wasting time posting all the time with little to no results
✔️ Put the right system in place for YOUR business to get your ideal customers

My Content Marketing System shows you how to generate high quality leads without: overpaying for ads that don’t work, being boring, or spamming everyone.

As soon as we’re getting results, you can decide if you want us to keep producing your content and running it through the system or if you want to do it on your own. At least you’ll know how.

Proof Point

A new client told me they were wasting $Thousands every month on a digital agency. In fact, they were trying to “trick the algorithm” to get reach, followers, website traffic, leads, and sales. Consequently, they only got a reach of 900 on their Facebook Page in 1 year and 200 followers.

🏆 I put my 8-Step Content Marketing System to work and in less than a year they had a reach of 1.4M and over 10,000 Facebook Page followers. That’s a 14,000% increase and they spent a fraction of what they had spent the year before. More sales folks had to be hired to follow-up on the leads.

In addition, my system got them on the first screen page of Google organic search because part of the system increases SEO results.

👉🏼Would you like to receive similar results?👈🏼

Send me an email 📧 and let’s talk. Mike@RMichaelBrown


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