5 Reasons to Add TikTok to Your Content Marketing Strategy

IBM on TikTok

Here’s how and why you can capitalize on TikTok for your business.

There is no doubt that TikTok has evolved beyond the newcomer application that brands initially dismissed. TikTok has come a long way since its early 2020, deep-in-a-pandemic-lockdown days. Indeed, the platform started as an app for dancing teenagers, lipsyncs and pure entertainment — and this is the main reason many brands initially approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism. But now TikTok is for your business.

Times have changed, the platform has evolved, and brands are learning to look at the platform in a new light.

The TikTok you see today is, in many ways, the same yet very different. The platform has become a channel of business opportunity for brands and a personal brand growth lever for many creators.

Hey, if TikTok is good enough for a blue-suit, button-down company like IBM, shouldn’t you be using it for your company?

You’ve probably seen the same stats about TikTok’s explosive growth and accelerated trajectory compared to its counterpart social platforms. While the one billion-plus monthly active users on TikTok alone are enough reason to consider this platform, a few unique factors will make your investment in TikTok even more worthwhile.

  1. TikTok has become a major cultural — and equalizing — force.
  2. TikTok has emerged as a strong competitor to Google in search.
  3. TikTok favors strong storytelling, original content, and longer-form videos.
  4. TikTok is emerging as a powerful alternative paid media channel post-iOS 14.
  5. TikTok can become a flywheel of content you can repurpose across multiple other channels.

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