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Christina Noce This Week in Palm Beach 3/9/2018 Edition, Written and Produced by R. Michael Brown. Create Your Own News Broadcast!

The gatekeepers can’t stop us now! I founded Palm Beach TV and produced 50 weekly newscasts a year for several years in the Town of Palm Beach and we had an 84% market share on average. That’s right, of the 10,000 residents in the small but rich Town of Palm Beach, we had a weekly average of 8,400 viewers. They are still going!

The cost to produce was surprisingly low because as the in-house Director of Communications, I created the Editorial Calendar, wrote the scripts, and hired freelance camera crews and video editors to shoot and edit.

It was the talk of the town and the local network affiliate stations, that barely covered the town, couldn’t believe it.

Our CEO, Bob Wright at the Town of Palm Beach Civic Association and former CEO of NBC, used to brag to the local stations that we had our own affiliate.

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