Let That Old Marketing Method Go – Marketing 2.1 is the Answer

Businesses are struggling to hold onto the one-to-many, mass media model of communicating with customers and audiences.

They need to let go.

Gone is the time when you could rely on your business doing a simple advertising and PR mix, based on placing ads and working with reporters to get your message out. It used to be that customers would find your information in traditional media and then make purchase decisions based on your ads, your media stories, and your sales person’s recommendations.

They might have even checked out your website.  Customers want more information than that now.  They want to feel safe in their decisions.  They want recommendations from other customers.  And they want it instantly.

A dramatic shift toward one-to-one communication is happening.  The net makes it possible.  Now it’s digital first.

Are you struggling to catch up or keep up?  Do you have any idea how to conduct business in this new blog, viral, podcast, buzz, social media induced world?

Every organization that wants to survive in a one-to-one communication environment must know how to publish, interact with customers, provide them with other customer’s recommendations, get them ALL the information they need NOW, and then get those customers to act.

We can show you how.  Depending on your goals, we can help you change your business to accommodate traditional marketing and public relations with the growing need for new media and more one-to-one interaction with customers.

It’s not just a website.  And it’s certainly not adding thousands of emails to your personal inbox that you have to answer.  This is a new marketing mix that uses both traditional media and new media and gets the information customers want, when they want it, and getting web users to help you in the process.

To do business this way, you have to learn how to think and create like a publisher, get other people to spread the word about you, and get existing and new customers to self-educate and self-select their way into buying from you.

Contact us today to find out more.  We can teach you or do it for you.  Either way, you’ll grow your business in remarkable new ways.

If you want to learn more about Marketing & PR 2.1, click here to see the presentation.



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