‘Man in the Mirror’ Painted by Leo Art Creations

Man in the Mirror by Leo Art Creations

Painter Leo Art Creations, an R. Michael Brown Marketing Consultant client, has completed “Man in the Mirror” and received rave reviews.

The abstract oil painting took months to complete and for Leo, it revealed a surprise when she finished.

“When my sales team gave me a 20” x 20” canvas, a set of oil paints, and brushes as a gift, I was moved and humbled,” said Leo. “I remember holding back the tears at their thoughtfulness and expressions of love.”

Initial reviews on social media and Leo’s website have been “My absolute favorite,” “Beautiful,” “To me, its an amazing piece of art and a reflection of your talent,” and “Te quedó Súper.”

One of the learnings which has stayed with Leo and helped her as she worked on this piece, is that painting intuitively, the art “reveals” itself to you.

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