My Mentors When I was in High School were Rocket Scientists

Mike Brown JA Presentation w=300Where could a student in elementary, middle, or high school get a mentor that is a rocket scientist, a CEO, or highly paid professional?

In Junior Achievement, that’s where.

During my high school years in Orlando, JA had a program led by volunteers that helped students form companies, create business plans, manufacture a product, and sell it. They were small businesses in action.

My mentor/volunteers just happened to work at Cape Canaveral and Martin Marietta. A couple were business guys but others were actual rocket scientists.

We formed a couple of companies made up of 10-12 students each in my years with JA, manufactured some products, and sold them. Both companies were successful – we generated a profit. Each company competed against the other companies in the same program to try and make the most profit.

JA is still doing that program and many more. What I learned from JA got me started to think like an entrepreneur; made me a better employee during my careers at IBM, Motorola, and others; and I’m still using the fundamental principles taught by this remarkable organization in my consulting business, R. Michael Brown LLC.

Today I had a chance to take the Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast Junior Achievement staff through my Digital Marketing and PR 2.1 presentation.

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