Webinar & E-Book: Real Estate Agents – How to Make Money by Listing & Selling New Home Construction & Developments

Webinar Replay & E-Book Sell New Home Construction

This is a replay of a webinar that was produced and presented live by R. Michael Brown on Thursday, March 10, 2022 for My State MLS. The purpose of this webinar is to help real estate agents understand the relationships and processes to work with builders so you can sell new home construction.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to make some extra money, listing and selling new home construction and developments is a great way to do it. This webinar replay will cover the basics of listing and selling new home construction, from preparing the property to negotiating a sale. We hope you find this webinar helpful!

Sell New Home Construction

Webinar & E-Book covers:

  • Builder <-> Outside Real Estate Relationship
  • The Opportunity – Current Market & Types of New Home Developments
  • Finding New Home Builders & Projects in Your Area
  • How to Get New Home Listings & Selling Them
  • Selling New Home Construction is Different from the Resale Market
  • Selling the Product – Lifestyle, Not Houses
  • New Home Selling Process
    • Prospecting
    • Initial Contact with Client & Builder
    • First Sales Center and Community Visit
    • Customizing the Home & Handling Buyer Objections
    • Offers
    • Customer Care During and After Building

There are three types of relationship between a builder and outside real estate agents:

  • Turn your Buyer/Client Over 100% to the Builder
  • Agent <–> Builder or Sales Manager Arrangement
  • Agent has 100% of Marketing and Client Interaction with Very Little Support from the Builder

See the Webinar and download the E-Book for More

Watch the Replay of Real Estate Agent Webinar: Listing & Selling New Home Construction Developments

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