Ignite Your Business with Powerful Freelance Writing Services

Powerful Writing Services from R. Michael Brown

Are you tired of bland and forgettable content that fails to connect with your audience on a deeper level?

Stop looking! You found a writer that will deliver attention, traffic, leads, sales, and brand converts.

Real Copy for Real Customers

How? I do it with emotionally powerful creative concepts, headlines, and writing that breathes life into your brand and grows your business.

Emotions are the driving force behind every purchasing decision. That’s why I specialize in creating content that tugs at the heartstrings, evokes curiosity, and leaves a lasting impact.

From heartfelt storytelling to thought-provoking narratives, I weave words that resonate with your customers’ desires and aspirations. With my words, I build bridges of trust and loyalty, forging strong connections that go beyond mere transactions. I drive conversions.

Imagine captivating blog posts that spark excitement, sales copy that ignites desire, and social media content that sparks viral sensations.

Winning Track Record

I have a track record of writing that has the power to move mountains and turn casual readers into devoted followers and buyers.

I’ve written for large corporations like IBM, Motorola, and Pulte Homes. And small organizations, both local and national and non-profits have profited from my copywriting too, like My State MLS; Bertram Yacht; Red Cross; U.S. Olympics; South Florida, Houston, and Chicago Agent Magazines; Town of Palm Beach Civic Association; Town Center of Boca Raton (mall); French Wine Merchant; R&R Construction; Junior Achievement; Pine Jog Environmental Center; SunFest; Michael Miller Law; World Wildlife Fund; and many more…

Don’t settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away. Don’t just take my word for it. See my portfolio: Writing Portfolio

You’re Closer Than You Think to Winning

Contact me today to harness the emotional power of my freelance writing services. Let me ignite the fire for your business, captivating hearts, and driving sales like never before.

Your success awaits!

Here’s my latest fee schedule:

Additional Services

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Power Point | Keynote Presentations
  • Scriptwriting
  • Executive and Political Speechwriting

I have over 20 years experience writing and producing for both external and internal communications.

Contact me today to discuss what you need and get a free quote for your specific project.


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